About The Artist

Aloha my name is Caitlin Ross Odom and I have been making silver and gold sunrise shell and sea glass jewelry since 1998.  It all started with my move to the north shore of O’ahu and my new obsession with finding the rare treasured sunrise shell.  I could not believe you could find such amazing shells on the shore and when I found my first shell I knew it could be true.  Early one morning I got up and went down to my favorite spot all excited to be the first one down there because I knew today was the day I was going to find one.  Of course, when I got there many collectors were on the beach looking.  I felt discouraged but went to the very end of the beach and there it was a beautiful orangey pink sunrise and I grabbed it and descretely and pretended to keep looking.  I will never forget that feeling and have heard countless amazing stories from customers about how they found their special sunrise shell.

I spent years collecting sea glass and all types of shells that washed up.   The sunrise and sea glass seemed a perfect balance of sun and sea and began to play with this concept.   I wanted the settings to be  simple but elegant setting for these natural wonders.  It took many years of playing with different styles and shapes to feel like my designs reflect what I envisioned years ago.  Prior to moving to moving to O’ahu I studied metal smithing at night while teaching pre-school in the day.  I had been teaching for 10 years and was ready to pursue my art but needed to learn the skills to do so.  Having made jewelry for years with beads and wire I new metal smithing was the next step and right away was comfortable with the tools and equipment that I needed to work with.  I retired from teaching and began working with an amazing jewelry designer named Rebecca Norman.  As her apprentice,  I learned so much about all aspects of running a jewelry design business and am so grateful for this invaluable  experience.   Taking all this with me to the islands was helpful and gave me a good start to running my own business.

Having always been a supporter of local farmers’ markets I knew this was the best way to make connections and show my work.  I started out at North Shore Country Market on O’ahu and then moved to Kaua’i where I was fortunate to get into the Hanalei Farmers’ Market where I remained for 8 years.   In 2014,  I decided to retire from selling at the local market after 12 years.  The local market experience really allowed my business to flourish and am very grateful for all the great customers I have had over the years.