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about me

Welcome to my website. I am a woman of unlimited creative potential. Traveling to many lands gathering pieces of pieces of myself as I go. Adding to the depth and essence of my being. Always shifting and transforming energies. In tune and grounded in mother earth as the source. Believer of the ancient mysteries. Guided by the planets, pulling their energies down into my being. Working with my ancestors and guides, connected to higher self. Constantly evolving, growing, and maturing. Dancing to my own drum.

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About my art

I have been making jewelry for over 20 years. Naturally my work has evolved and grown as it reflects my life’s path. It began in beautiful Hawai’i using shells and seaglass to the mountains and rivers of northern california with precious stones and crystals. Experimenting with different metals and creating space for new designs to come through. Now it is taking me to the coast where my new home will be in Mendicino rediscovering the beauty and power of the ocean once again. I have studied shamanic astrology and learned how to read the energies of people I meet and work with as well as can tune into the planetary energies of the day. My spiritial journey to Egypt was an initiation and activation working with the Neteru and the energies of this ancient land. I was introduced to the powerful alchemy behind the symbols and tools they used.  All this experience I bring to a particular piece of jewelry I create.